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About Us

Wandsworth Mind Resource Centre.


We are a  mental health resource centre for central district of Wandsworth.

Anyone who feels our services may be of help to them can be referred via their local community mental health team,  their GP or by self refferal.

A visit is then arranged  to come along to the centre for an informal chat, after which,we can offer a start date.

We offer a wide range of activities from social, educational and therapeutic groups and one to one activities, outreach and out and about groups.

Encouraging self-development and empowerment within a supportive, safe and friendly environment.

A home-cooked lunch or evening meal are available daily. Tea, coffee,fruit & cold drinks are available all day.

Opening Times:

Mon: 10am-7pm,

Tues: 10am-6pm,


Thurs: 10.00am-3pm,

Fri: 10am-5pm, 


We offer a breakfast club from 10-11am.

Light lunch, 1.00

Main meal, 2.00

 All day tea /coffee. 1.00

Cold and soft drinks available all day